Monday, September 25, 2023

Moon Cops on the Moon is now available for preorder (99c!)

Hey folks,

I'm pleased to announce we have an upcoming release that will be on sale from the very beginning. MOON COPS ON THE MOON is my next humorous sci-fi series to go alongside SPACE ACADEMY DROPOUTS and THE SUPERVILLAINY SAGA. I think it may be my funniest story yet. It's also 99c! Woot!

"Welcome to the moon!"

Neal Gordon screwed up his assignment on Mars and they reassigned him to Antarctica. Now he's being reassigned some place even worse: Luna City. A crime ridden hellhole with a super-rich ruling class, he almost immediately finds himself targeted by bounty hunters and cyborg terrorists. Thankfully, Neal has an unusual set of partners in robot dog, Barksley, and the snarky but badass Lucy Westenra. Yes, make all the vampire jokes you want.

It's tough being a corporate cop on humanity's foremost colony and before this adventure is over, he's going to have to deal with deranged influencers, mysterious female secret agents, and a 1970s themed flying car called the Purple Rain. Can he survive to get reassigned? Who knows.

MOON COPS ON THE MOON is set in the Futurepunk setting of
Agent G, the Cyber Dragons Trilogy, and Space Academy novels but functions as a standalone series. It is a humorous action-filled romp that fans of The Expanse, Robocop, Demolition Man, and Blade Runner will enjoy.
Coming out November 13th!

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