Wednesday, May 10, 2023

What is Moon Cops on the Moon?

Kafer and I have been discussing that wrapping up some existing projects was a pretty good idea but I'd actually mostly succeeded. I have some plans for continuing a few of my series on individual levels but mostly I'd finished a pretty good number of my trilogies. That was when he said he'd like to see another sci-fi comedy series from me.

    "I can't just pop one out."

    "Why not?"

    That's when I remembered that it was pretty much David Niall Wilson asking me to write "something" that had me crank out Straight Outta Fangton in a single week (okay, 2 weeks) that was writing by the seat of my pants with the power of SPACE MADNESS. Either that or just a lot of coffee and going with inspiration as it hits you.

    MOON COPS ON THE MOON is a police procedural technically set in the same universe as Agent G, Cyber Dragons, Space Academy, and Lucifer's Star (My Starpunk universe--thanks for the suggested name, guys) but is meant to be a standalone with an entirely new cast.

    The premise is in 2203, humanity has made First Contact with aliens and after that went horribly wrong and a fascist government briefly took over Earth, mankind is slowly getting its shit back together.

    However, that is not happening everywhere at once and the moon is a spaceport delivering vast wealth between Earth and the rest of the galaxy that its people never sees the bedntif ot it. It is overcrowded, crime-ridden, and the last place run directly by feuding corporations.

    It's also where Neal has been assigned after kinda-maybe sleeping with his bosses' daughter.

    Neal Stephenson Gordon is a Refugee Kid adopted by the Gordon Foundation who served two tours in the Space Marines and got reassigned to corporate police after being set on fire. Only a semi-dirty cop, he's soon assigned to the Cyberlife Division that investigates all the crimes the other police don't want to solve (because they're dangerous and unprofitable).

    Cyberlife is populated by a weird collection of oddballs collected from the other divisions including his ex-teen vampire show star partner Lucy Westenra, Charles Barskley the uplifted corgi, and Armstrong the utterly insane AI with the voice of JK Simmons as well as the personality of a 1930s Pulp radio narrator.

    Cyberpunks, genetic slavers, communists, and rampaging robots await!
    But yes, I plan to do three books of 80K each (Moon Cops on the Moon, Moon Cops in Crater Town, and Moon Cops in Lunar City) with all three released at once. If it succeeds, it may well be my next ongoing.

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