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Addendum: Ten Chronicles for Sabbat PCs in V5

V5 Chronicle Tips

2. Ten Tips to Running the Second Inquisition in V5
3. Ten Tips to Running the Sabbat in V5
4. Ten Chronicles for Sabbat PCs in V5
5. Ten Tips to Running the Camarilla in V5
Hey folks,

I really enjoyed everyone's feedback on my Top Ten Sabbat Tips for V5. It was really helpful and the response was genuinely positive. However, there was one negative reception and that came from the people who were die-hard Sabbat players and were hoping for something that would allow them to continue on with their Sword of Caine games.

This is difficult because of multiple reasons. While it would be possible to do Antitribu or Lasombra characters, there's still no official write-up for Clan Tzimisce. Given the historic role the Fiends have played among the Sabbat, this makes doing a Sabbat campaign more difficult. Also, the new Humanity system seems to preclude Paths and while you could just ignore it and treat Paths as a blood cult with specific convictions, that'll be difficult. I, sadly, have no answers.

I do, however, have about ten Chronicle ideas which I think could be useful to Sabbat players who want to update their campaigns to the V5 era. They're premises that I think could be quite enjoyable to someone who wishes to swear allegiance to the Regent of the Sabbat whoever they may be. I'm sure more focused ideas will come out once we have information on the sect. I hope people enjoy what I've come up with.

1:] Gehenna Warriors

The player characters are Embraced US military personnel or locals that have been sent by the Sabbat to hunt down and destroy ancients in hidden fortresses across the land. They're cannon fodder but have the opportunity to discover ancient secrets and use their specialized skill as well as equipment to earn a place for themselves in the Sword of Caine. They may also attempt to escape from the Sabbat and return to their mortal lives (but is there a place for a monster among them?). One part Three Kings, one part Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones, and one part Apocalypse Now. A good campaign to adapt the Diablerie modules to a new setting.

2:] Lasombra Hunters

The Lasombra have betrayed the sect they've founded and are currently engaged in an unacknowledged Civil War. The PCs have been gathered by a Cardinal to hunt down and destroy the defectors as a lesson to the others that the Sabbat are not going to tolerate the Antitribu anymore than they were before. But is it possible to stem the tide of defectors and what rewards can they expect for trying to deal with the Keeper's treason? Is it anything more than an early grave? It is a Chronicle that will take the pack into Camarilla, Anarch, and Lasombra-ruled territories to take down their prey.

3:] The Last Bastion

The Archbishop is dead at the hands of his treacherous childe and the Templar took his pack to Syria. The PCs are now the highest ranking Sabbat in Miami, Florida with the few older vampires unwilling to do what is necessary. They must secure the city against Camarilla, Second Inquisition, and Anarch attacks. Sabbat refugees are coming to the city but can they be trusted. Are they Lasombra traitors seeking prey to hand over to their Camarilla allies? Or perhaps beings driven mad by what they saw in the Gehenna Wars? Religious fanatics for a blood cult? Or people who can help make a new sect from the ashes?

4:] Walking the Path

The PCs are all Low Humanity vampires who are near-wightdom when they are presented to an aged Sabbat Priest who leads them each on a spiritual journey to find their own Paths. Using variants of the Humanity rules, they must gain Ambitions, Convictions, and undead Touchstones while mastering the secrets of Sabbat spirituality. The politics of the local blood cults and lack of spirituality from other Sabbat in their hometown are things they must deal with.

5:] Diplomats of Zillah

The player characters are given the rank of ambassadors by a high ranking member of the Sabbat like Vykos, Gratiano, or Lucita. They are appointed to go to groups of Anarchs, blood cults, Hecata, bahari, or even Thin Bloods to make offers to them to join the Sword of Caine. The Sword of Caine needs allies now and it is the job of the PCs to explain why they are superior to the other options out there. This is a more talking-focused game than combat.

6:] Hunting the Hunters

The Camarilla cowers before the Second Inquisition while the Anarchs provide no leadership. The Sabbat offers an alternative: slaughter them all. The PCs are made into a War Pack with the ghoul of hunting down, interrogating/torturing, and executing every single Second Inquisition hunter they can lay their hands on. The Sabbat was forged in the fire of the Inquisition and now it is their time to be the heroes that the Cainites need by exterminating the food that fights back.

7:] The Return of the King

An adaptation of Under a Blood Red Moon, the PCs are part of a joint Sabbat effort to retake Mexico City or Montreal from the Camarilla. This is going to be done by setting up false flag operations to cause a war between the newly triumphant Ivory Tower and the local shifters. However, there's the hint of infernalism among the allies that the PCs have made as well as hints they are working for other masters when they recruit their own werewolf allies. But is retaking one of the bedrocks of the Sabbat worth working with the Devil?

8:] The Pontifix of Enoch

The Sabbat have managed to take over a new capital like Rio, Rome, Atlanta, or one of the cities mentioned above. It is time to select a new Regent of the Sabbat to unite all the various feuding factions and restore the Sabbat to its once-glorious heritage. Schemes and lies fill the city as everyone wants to forward their favorite candidate. Some may even ally with one of the many new factions present to gain an advantage. The PCs can decide who will sit on the Throne of Caine but will it be who is best for the sect or themselves?

9:] Vicissitude no more

The PCs are sent on a harrowing mission into Transylvania with a mysterious Elder who wants their help in slaying a demon. They successfully manage to kill the creature in a Cathedral of Flesh, only to reveal it was Kupala and their aid was Dracula himself. Vicissitude starts to disappear from the Tzimisce clan across the board and replaced instead with other Disciplines like Protean. The conflict among the Tzimisce that follows is immense but they are now playable again. The PCs can explore how to recreate Vicissitude through Blood Sorcery.

10:] The Fall of the Sabbat

A remix of the Fall of London Chronicle with the PCs answering not to Mithras but Monty Coven. He plans to cleanse London of all its Camarilla filth and declare it the new capital of the Sabbat but he needs a ritual for his Tremere Antitribu allies to make him a 4th generation badass. The PCs must outwith the locals, kill the Camarilla filth, and recruit the few worthy to prepare for the new Regent's ascension. Except Mithras may start pushing Monty out and they must make some hard decisions.

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