Thursday, June 29, 2017

WRAITH LORD sketch revealed

Now that I finally have the rights back for Wraith Knight, I've decided to release the second book in the series. Here's the sketch for the second cover by Alex Raspad. I really love it and we'll be moving Jacob and Regina to a more urban setting.


  1. The first book was truly excellent, and I loved the philosophical struggle of what is good and what is evil. I cannot describe just how much I liked the first book, and I'm eagerly waiting for the second one to come!

    The only thing I might remark about is this: get a beta-reader. Or someone who can edit the manuscript before it is published. I found tons of mistakes in the first book, luckily the story and the characters were more than strong enough to transcend that. Still. Just a thought.

    Can't wait to read the second book!

    1. The subject of WRAITH KNIGHT is a touchy one for me because it is the reason I left Ragnarok Publications. The short version is the manuscript was published without any edits whatsoever despite the fact an edited version was done. Then when I asked for the edited version to be put up, it proved impossible. It led to a protracted issue between Ragnarok Publications, myself, and the Independent Publishing Group. One which didn't end until a month or so ago when I got the edited version posted with The entire story is something I've debated sharing on my blog but I keep wanting to put behind me. In any case, if you would like a free copy of one of my other books, please e-mail me at charlie_the_cat_pooka @ It's the only apology I can give fans.

    2. Thanks for explaining, and I'm sorry that there was trouble. It's a credit to your skill that the story was so strong that I noticed but wasn't annoyed by the writing mistakes.

      Thanks but for now, I'm going to (try to) wait patiently for the second book to come out. Keep it up!

    3. I appreciate you picking up a copy of my book! I love your blog and I hope you'll do a review for WK (mistakes or not). I think you'll really enjoy WRAITH LORD. It's currently being edited by David Niall Wilson at Crossroad Press who wrote some Stargate SG-1 and Vampire: The Masquerade novels.

      But yes, I'm hoping you read the unedited version. Crossroad Press has done a bang up job repairing the book and letting me share it as it was "meant" to be read.

      Oh and love your Vagrant and Riyria reviews especially.