Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Exclusive interview with Paul Lavender, author of The Eighth God

1. So what is the premise of your book?

I’m going to try without giving to much away! Five thousand years before The Eighth God begins seven elven soldiers are given divine powers by the elven gods at the point where they are about to be annihilated, and call themselves Orcslayers. Cut to the present and we have the last of two Orcslayers, Saethryth, return home after being in the orc lands.

They find an half-orc spy in Ashen Falls and proceed to try and kill him. Meanwhile his half-brother, Melress, is promoted in the battle mages and sent to a fortress called Knight’s Perch, where there is a traitor. The book culminates at Knight’s Perch, with the defenders fighting off a lot of orcs, some ogres and a really upset giant...With the help of a large stone golem.

2. What separates your book from other fantasy novels?

The main difference is that I am telling the tale from both sides.

3. Who are the protagonists of The Eighth God?

The main ones are Saethryth (an Orcslayer), Melress (Saethryth’s half-brother and a battle mage), Bazak-Kul (a half-orc spy) and Grash-Kul (his father).

4. Why do you think orcs are such a popular monster race?

Because they’re ugly. I think people are pretty familiar with orcs because of Lord of the Rings, so in that respect they are an easy target!

5. What are your orcs like?

They are nasty fellows who think nothing of rape and torture, but they are also humorous. I think they get some of the funniest lines in the book.

6. What inspired you to write this?

I was made redundant several years ago, then my son was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. In our house my wife works, so as there is only so much housework you can do, I needed a job! I used to make up stories for my son, to get him to sleep and i decided to get all grimdark.

7. Can you describe the villain of your book?

It depends which side you’re rooting for!Saethryth is confident and quiet, acrobatic and strong, he hates orcs with a passion. Orcs killed his mother and younger sister. Melress is smart and wants to help people as much as he can. He's a little naive and wants people to like him. Bazak-Kul is a natural born spy. He's handsome (but don't tell his father), dangerous and sneaky.He's sent to Ashen Falls to spy on the battle mages. Grash-Kul is chief of the Kul tribe of orcs. He wants to take the lands south of the fortresses, so that he can have an endless supply of women. Unfortunately, he owes a debt to a shadowy group, and has to attack Knight's Perch before he's ready. And without his shamen to help

8. Who are your influences?

Mark Lawrence, Joe Abercrombie, Ben Kane. I read pretty much anything, except billionaire shapeshifter romance!

9. Do you gave a favorite character who isn't one of the mains?
There’s actually two. The bouncers from The Dove’s Head Inn, Pock and Cock. They are pretty funny, especially in Tales from Ashen Falls.

10. What can we expect from you next?

Currently writing the sequel to The Eighth God which is called The Sect of Seven. This deals with the second Orcslayer, Erekose. Erekose has serious mental health issues, and is also human (which you would think would be a problem when you’re an elven Orcslayer!). It’s a longer book than The Eighth God because we see more of the world that these heroes and villains inhabit.

I'm also working on something set in an alternate 1800’s which I’m currently calling Assassin, and of course there is book 3 of The Orcslayers, which involves all the survivors of the first two books meeting up and entering the orclands…where everything changes!

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