Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Hey guys, I have some great news for all of you who are fans of the Supervillainy Saga. THE SECRETS OF SUPERVILLAINY, the third volume in the series, is out on ebook today. Jeffrey Kafer is also hard at work preparing the audiobook version and it should be available soon.

Merciless, the Supervillain without Mercy (TM) is back with even bigger problems! How far will he go to fix his wife's current state of being a soulless vampire? Can he ignore his growing feelings for Cindy, despite their difference over the new Star Wars movie? Can he survive the wrath of the President of the United States (who he accidentally stole billions from)?

While he ponders those personal issues, Death has a new mission for him. The greatest hero on Earth has killed and she isn't pleased. Death wants the murder solved and the perpetrator given the kind of justice only the Avatar of Death can dish out. Unfortunately for Gary, that's only the tip of the psychotic iceberg.

I hope fans of the previous book will check it out!

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  1. Well this is the first I heard of it. Looking back now, I'd swear things have been changed on both blogs, because I would have sworn something said it'd be out on the 17th. That, and I kept checking under your profile on Amazon and it isn't listed. Nor did it show up in relation to the other books.

    Still, despite cursed Amazon's best efforts, I have it now, and no one can stop me reading it! Mwahahahahahahahaha!

    Now shut up and take my money.

    1. One of the advantages and disadvantages of working for an independent publication is release dates are more like guidelines. I hope you enjoy!