Saturday, July 30, 2016

Esoterrorism gets a great review from the Audiobook Reviewer!

I love the Audiobook reviewer and their reviews of my previous books (THE RULES OF SUPERVILLAINY, and THE GAMES OF SUPERVILLAINY). They were very nice to do a review of ESOTERRORISM which is my supernatural spy thriller.

This is one of those urban fantasy novels that will have every other urban fantasy author thinking “Damn, why didn’t I think of that?” It is a worthy entry into the genre and should garner quite a following for the inevitable series.

The synopsis available on Goodreads and Audible is sufficient for the plotline. In brief, it is about a James Bond type character who works for a secret global organization that polices the supernatural and keeps the existence of the supernatural from rest of the world.

I had just finished two books (the Supervillainy series) by both the same author and same narrator, had been intrigued by the premise of “Esoterrorism” and was a little curious on what I was getting into. After all, the hallmark of “Supervillainy” was the snarkiness and humor and it was portrayed well. But “Esoterrorism” sounded like a more serious minded work based on the synopsis.

Let me say right here that Esoterrorism bears nothing in common with “Supervillainy”: this is a serious treatise on policing the paranormal and Jeffrey Kafer delivered a serious performance with a gravitas that I didn’t associate with him after becoming associated with his very good comedic performance of “Supervillainy."

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  1. Hello C.T., Trucker Larry here. Just to let you know, I posted my audiobook reviews of Esoterrorism and Supervillany on Goodreads and Audible also.

    1. Thank you Larry, that's much appreciated. :thumbs up: