Sunday, March 20, 2016

An interview with me by the Fantastical Librarian

I had a great interview with the Fantastical Librarian and thought I would share its contents with my fans. I hope everyone will go to her website and check it out.

Here's a sample:

Let’s start with the basics. Who is C.T. Phipps?

C.T. Phipps is an immortal wizard from the Age of Chaos reincarnated as a huma…oh, err, I mean I’m a perfectly ordinary geek from Kentucky in his thirties. I’m the author of THE SUPERVILLAINY SAGA and the RED ROOM series by Amber Cove Publishing and Ragnarok Publications respectively. I have a new series called WRAITH KNIGHT coming out this Fall.

How would you introduce people to your writing?

It depends on what you’re interested really. I wrote the Supervillainy Saga as an easy-going bit of fun celebrating my love of superheroes. People really seemed to have liked it and responded well to the book’s irreverent style and asking the question, “What kind of fellow sets out to be a supervillain?” The Red Room, by contrast, was my attempt to write a celebration of over-the-top spy fiction with a James Bond and Black Widow-eque set of protagonist against monsters.

Available for reading here

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