Sunday, August 10, 2014

A short story of mine has been released

I thought I'd give people a head's up that one of my short-stories is now available for purchase as part of an anthology. Available in ebook and POD format is Monster Hunter: Blood Trails, a short-story collection of humans hunting the creepie and crawlie.

Available for Order Here

The hunter spreads a hind inside the beast's track, shocked by the sheer enormity of the thing. Dusk settles through the forest but there is just enough light to make out the tiny red droplets along the edge of the print. An hour ago it had been a steady flow. The trail leads down into a valley the sun has already given up to shadow, and the moon won't be up for hours. Under any other circumstances it would be wise to wait for the moonlight, but the warm trickle of the hunter's own blood has not stopped and there is no time to wait. 

The hunt is on. BLOOD TRAILS marks the 4th volume in the Legends of the Monster Hunter series and welcomes 24 brand new stories to the family. Fans of LEATHER, DENIM & SILVER, THE TRIGGER REFLEX and USE ENOUGH GUN will be well pleased with these tales and newcomers to the series will be very glad to discover it.

 My story, Crusade of Blood is about a group of Hashishin (Assassins) in Acre during the reign of Saladin investigating a series of vampiric murders amongst the city's Jewish population. I hope you enjoy it if you check it out.

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