Monday, December 2, 2013

Update - November is my lost month

Hey folks,

People who know me may wonder what I've been up to for the past month as I've been more or less incommunicado for much of the month. Unfortunately, that's because this month has out-and-out SUCKED.

The first problem is that my wife broke her ankle in two places, requiring surgery rather than a cast and leaving her incapitated for much of the month. This has occupied almost all of my time up until the last week.

Unfortunately, the last week resulted in me coming down with what I assumed to be the flu. After a rather agonizing week, I didn't get better so I went to see the Doctor and after some finangaling about waiting for my insurance to get approved, I got a catscan that revealed I have acute diveriticulitis.

Sort version, a serious infection of the intestine. Thankfully, after going to the emergency room, they said I'm probably not going to have to have surgery. It's a nasty-nasty condition though and makes caring for Kat more difficult.We also broke one of our computers and needed to get it replaced.

So yeah, November not the best National Writing Month.

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