Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wife broke her foot, please send vibes-prayers-best wishes.

Yesterday, the wife broke her foot in two places. We spent the entire night waiting in the emergency room and it'll be a couple of days before a specialist can see her. It's a really cruddy situation. I could share more details but it isn't more story to tell, only that it was a pretty harrowing struggle to get her to the emergency room too.

Hopefully, we'll be able to take care of the situation soon but she's feeling really down.

Thanks for reading.

 ***UPDATE 10/21/2013***

Sadly, things have gotten worse rather than better. My wife proceeded to injure her foot worse on Wednesday and now she's scheduled for surgery today. This is going to lengthen her recovery time considerably and she's absolutely terrified. I'll keep everyone posted as to what happens with her. Thanks everyone, for your support.

**UPDATE 10/25/2013**

Surgery went well and she's now in recovery. Still, there were some harrowing bits. Thanks again, for all those who thought of us.


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    1. The hospital is trying to shuffle us out of the room but Kat wants to stay until she's sure her pain situation is under control. For the most part she's fine, then her medication wears off and it's quite agonizing. Still, I have hopes she'll make a full recovery. It just won't be immediate or without a long period in bed.