Sunday, May 27, 2012

Update on my life

Hey guys, just a bit of information on what's going on in the Phipps household.

1. I now have my Masters Degree

Those who follow me on the boards will know I've been struggling with my thesis for some time. I am satisfied with the results but my professors had some severe issues with my conclusions early on. Whatever the case, they're happy with it now and I passed my graduate requirements.

So yay, I'm now a Master of English.

2. Kat is fine

My wife has been going through a series of illnesses one after the other so it's pleasing to report she's presently okay. She suffers from a number of c conditions there's no real cure for like fibromyalgia. We cope, however, and she's doing well.

3. Books progress is fine

A weakness I've discovered in my writing habits is that I let myself get distracted too easily. I am dialing down to finishing and 'perfecting' my present three manuscripts. That means Foresight, After the End, and Merciless: How I Became a Supervillain (new title).

This means Dating the Damned is going in the trunk for the time being until I can work out some kinks in it and the same for my Hollow Earth novel. I got some good short stories out of the last, one, though.

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