Sunday, March 25, 2012

Writing Update

Hey guys,

Here's a progress update on my books for those who are interested.

Dating the Damned:
My Paranormal Romance is finished and is in the editing stages. I'm changing around some of the character's actions because of later developments in them that I want to foreshadow but the final result is about 100,000 words. As a first person novel about a succubus, it's obviously a bit different from my usual work.

Merciless: Memoirs of a Supervillain: My superhero parody novel is also complete and currently being edited by a number of friends in a writing group I belong to. I figure this is going to be a tough sell since superhero fiction isn't really a genre right now. Still, I think it has potential, anyway. Again, it's about 100,000 words.

Merciless: World's Most Wanted:
It's easy to write when you are doing it for fun. I started the sequel to Memoirs of a Supervillain almost immediately after finishing the first. It's at about 50,000 words and I'm taking a break from it to clear the cobwebs out of my head. It's going to be slightly longer than the original Merciless at about 120,000 words total.

The Legend of the Smoky Idol: My Edgar Rice Burroughs/Indiana Jones-homage is only about 10,000 words in but I have it completely outlined and am making good progress on it. I think the final results will be quite pleasing and am shooting for about 100,000 words again.

I have a number of short stories in the works as well, which I think will help ease me into professional writing.

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