Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Raising Guinea Pigs is hard work

My wife loves animals. It's one of her many charming qualities, I mean that sincerely. I love our snake, our guinea pigs, our cat, our fish, and our three dogs. Recently, she decided it would be a great small business to raise guinea pigs professionally. I still had some graduate student loan money left over and I thought it'd be a good idea to put this to use. After purchasing some rare breeds, we've been in the busy process of converting our basement into a small ranch for the little critters.

The problem is that raising the little critters is hard-work given our overclocked schedules. Going up the stairs back and down a hundred times a day, putting together all of the cages, and feed them each on an individual basis. They also are hungry things. The average guinea pig can eat a good-sized salad in a day.

Still, I love them. I've named my favorite Snickers. She's a multicolored little thing.

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