Sunday, January 21, 2018

New Series Announcement: Steampunk Fantastica

Hey folks,

Because I don't have nearly enough on my plate as is, I'm announcing a new series which will be set in the same universe as my WRAITH KNIGHT books but set about three hundred years later. STEAMPUNK FANTASTICA is a novel trilogy which will follow the adventures of a group of misfits in a 19th century themed high fantasy world where magic and technology have mixed to produce steam-powered wonders. The first volume, THE DIVINE SOURCE, is set to be released in March of 2018. The sequels, THE LEGACY OF THE KEY and THE FALL OF THE LAWGIVER will follow roughly six months afterward.

It has been centuries since the days when the old gods fought against the new with armies of elves, humans, and orcs. Magic has steadily weakened since that time with steam-powered devices having begun an age of airships, trains, and firearms. Class divisions have placed top hat wearing elves and elitist humans above the coal-shoveling orcs and ogres at the bottom. With the end of the Aether War devastating half the continent, the old ways have begun making a comeback with the Grand Temple proclaiming the return of their god and the apocalyptic end of the world.

Louise Theresa, the girl prophetess who predicted this, has run away from the Grand Temple's control. She the secret which could expose the temple's claims as cover up for all-too-human evil. An archaeologist, a spy, a scientist, a chambermaid, and an engineer may be the only things that keep her alive. Alive long enough to find out the secret of the Divine Source and what new world it might bring about. Will it be a world of science or sorcery or both?

Check it out soon!


  1. Awesome premise. Keep us posted on release dates!

  2. I like the urban fantasy premise, like Shadowrun, but steampunk rather than cyberpunk. The fantasy race = social class hierarchy is intuitively obvious, e.g. Netflix's Bright with the yuppie elves and gangsta orcs. I've got something a bit similar on my Space Opera WIP.