Saturday, September 2, 2017


Hey folks,

I have great news and that's the audiobook for STRAIGHT OUTTA FANGTON, my humorous vampire novel, is out as of today. I hope people will pick it up and give it a try. It's the first book of my two series (the other being the BRIGHT FALLS MYSTERIES) set in my UNMASQUED WORLD setting. That's a world where vampires, shapechangers, and other creatures have come out in public just in time to deal with an economically depressed and hostile public.

Peter Stone is a poor, black vampire who is wondering where his nightclub, mansion, and sports car is. Instead, he is working a minimum wage job during the night shift, as being a vampire isn't all that impressive in a world where they've come out to mortals.

Exiled from the rich and powerful undead in New Detroit, he is forced to go back when someone dumps a newly-transformed vampire in the bathroom of his gas station's store. This gets him fangs - deep in a plot of vampire hunters, supernatural revolutionaries, and a millennium-old French knight determined to wipe out the supernatural. Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to get out of the coffin.

I hope people will give both series a try!

Also available in Kindle

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