Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Writing Update February 2017

 Hey folks,

I have some great news for those who are interested in my writing. Which, hopefully, includes all of the readers here. The first is that THE SCIENCE OF SUPERVILLAINY is almost ready for release. We've got the sketch for the cover available here which depicts Kerri Karkofsky and Mister Inventor.

Kerri Karkofsky is the brother of protagonist Gary Karkofsky a.k.a Merciless: The Supervillain without MercyTM. She's been a real ensemble darkhorse and just about everyone loves her. Mister Inventor is a new character who will show just how fine the line between villainy and heroism really is.

The Science of Supervillainy follows up the plots established in the previous novel where Gary attempts his grandest feat yet in overthrowing the sinsister President Omega. Surprisingly, that works out well but the ramifications propel an even worse villain (or is it hero?) into power and Gary finds his worst enemy may be himself.

In addition to that bit of news, I should note I'm replacing the cover for THE SECRETS OF SUPERVILLAINY with a slightly altered one. Basically, I didn't think the current one quite reflected the way I wanted Ultragoddess to look so it's been updated with a different version. I think it will better fit with what is meant to my second favorite character.

Finally, I'm pleased to say I've finished AGENT G: SABOTEUR which is the second book in my Agent G series. The first book, AGENT G: INFILTRATOR, is already prepped and ready for release near simultaneously with THE SCIENCE OF SUPERVILLAINY.

The Agent G series follows the titular cybernetic assassin as he serves the International Refugee Society, the front for the world's most technologically advanced criminal organization. Stripped of his memory and identity by his employers, he's been told he'll get it back after ten years of dutiful service--unfortunately, G just can't leave well enough alone and pokes a little too deeply into whether or not his employers on the level. Shock of shocks, they're not, and he soon finds himself facing off against people every bit as advance as himself.

I think fans will love them all.
I'm pleased to say that I'm working with Jeffrey Kafer to do a simultaneous release of the audiobook with the main book on both. Plans are for the release of The Science of Supervillainy in March and Agent G: Infiltrator in April.

Best of all, these two books will hopefully have sequels released this year as well with THE KINGDOM OF SUPERVILLAINY and AGENT G: SABOTEUR. Do I have any other projects planned this year? Yes, I'd like to get out audiobook versions of LUCIFER'S STAR, THE TOWER OF ZHAAL, and STRAIGHT OUTTA FANGTON.

I'm also trying to get back my books, ESOTERRORISM and WRAITH KNIGHT from Ragnarok Publications so I can re-publish them with edits as well as release their sequels. That's not happening any time soon, though.

CTHULHU ARMAGEDDON fans should note that THE TOWER OF ZHAAL is currently available in Kindle format as well as available on Kindle Unlimited. The sequel continues the adventures of John Henry Booth and Mercury Takahashi across a post-apocalypse monster-filled world. It also guest stars the most famous Great Old One of them all.


  1. So I shouldn't buy Wraith Knight for my trip back to the east coast in two months because you will get no money for it?

    1. Actually, I recommend buying the audiobook version of Wraith Knight since I'm unsatisfied with the paperback/ebook version and parties involved refuse to correct it. I still love the book and am happy for people to read it.

    2. Understandable. I just want to purchase in a way that puts money in your pocket.