Saturday, April 2, 2016

AGENT G and SECRETS OF SUPERVILLAINY approved for publication

AGENT G: INFILTRATOR and SECRETS OF SUPERVILLAINY have been tentatively accepted for publication by Amber Cove. I was pretty sure there was no real doubt on either but it never hurts to receive official confirmation after your boss returns from his cruise where he read them.

For those unaware, AGENT G is a a series about an assassin for an organization called the Society which removes the memories of its agents for a ten year period before promising their return if they succeed in fulfilling their contract. It also promises amazing wealth and an end to all pesky moral issues via conditioning (which our antihero isn't very good at despite).

SECRETS OF SUPERVILLAINY is the 3rd novel of the Supervillainy Saga which follows Gary Karkofsky as he deals with a recent loss in his life...badly. Trying to find a cure for his wife's vampirism, he ends up attracting the ire of the time traveling despot who has set himself up as POTUS. Oops. Special guest star: THE GARY OF EARTH-B!

We can expect Secrets to be published sometime around July. I'm not sure about Agent G but will make sure everyone is kept in the loop.


  1. Thank you, doing my best to wait patiently. Very good story.

    1. I'm glad the release schedule for the books is reasonably brisk. I'm hoping to continue the two books a year thing for awhile yet.