Friday, April 24, 2015

My life as a writer in 2015

    Hey folks,

    I wanted to give people an update on my current writing situation and what's coming out in the coming months as well as what's contracted for the future. Last year, my contract with Permuted Press was cancelled due to "irreconcilable creative differences", I was left with an uncertain future in publishing. I had no less than five manuscripts with a sixth on the way and nowhere to publish them. I had been contracted for no less than nine books with Permuted Press and giving that up was the hardest choice of my writing career.

    Where would I go, what would I do?

    My first book and 'big' release is The Rules of Supervillainy in May. I don't know whether it is going to be released in mid-May or late May but it's coming out soon. I can't contain my excitement over this story. Gary Karkofsky is Merciless, a man who receives a magic cloak in the mail and decides to become a supervillain in a world already full of them. It turns out he's not all that good at evil, though, and may have to do something about his city being overwhelmed by it.

The symbol of our supervillain.
    Jim Bernheimer and Amber Cove publishing want this to be a full-fledged series and will be releasing The Games of Supervillainy this Winter. It's already completed and I'm already working on yet another Spring 2016 in Secrets of Supervillainy. I love Gary as he's a fantastically snarky character and

    Thankfully, Tim Marquitz (Demon Squad, Eyes Deep) and Joe Martin of Ragnarok Publications as well as Jim Bernheimer (Confessions of a D-List Supervillain, Prime Suspects) proved to be my salvation. Or, at least, they proved to be the sort of guys who liked my writing enough to want to publish my books. No disrespect to Permuted Press but I was happier with my contracts as well, getting excellent terms as well as a strong sense of where my new publishers wanted to go with my work.

    Esoterrorism, the first book of the Red Room series, will be coming out in July. It is the adventures of Derek Hawthorne, agent of the titular organization, and his partner Shannon O'Reilly. Spies vs. the Supernatural! They fight the weird and cover it up! It's an homage to all my favorite conspiracy fiction from the Nineties like the X-Files, Deus Ex, and Mage: The Ascension.
Love this cover.

    The fact it's coming out just as a new X-Files series is in the works is good timing. Ragnarok Publication isn't just interested in this single novel, though, and has already contracted me for the completed sequel of Eldritch Dossiers for release in March of 2016.

    I have already completed the third novel in the series, Operation: Otherworld, and hope it will be released in 2017. This is a series which is dear to my heart and I hope I'll get a chance to write it for years to come. I love the world, characters, and conspiracies--but I'll let you judge for yourself what you think of it.

    While these are my releases set for 2015 (and their sequels), I'm also contracted for 2016 s well thanks to my awesome publishers. In mid-2016, expect to see the release of Wraith Knight, the first book of the Wrath Knight Chronicles. Following the adventures of Jacob Riverson, the cursed undead champion of the King Below, we get to see a tail of both redemption as well as temptation.

    With the God of Evil destroyed, Jacob has a chance of regaining his lost honor as well as humanity--or gaining revenge on a world which condemned him in the first place. I love the characters in this fantasy novel and think of it as an adult Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings-esque tale.

    I hope everyone will check out my books this year and in the future. I've got quite a full plate for both this year and the next.

    Let's hope it continues for years to come.

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