Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Esoterrorism set for release in July!

Good news, everyone!

    Yesterday, I formally signed my contract for Esoterrorism with Ragnarok Publications and my first book in the Red Room series is set for publication in July of 2015.

    Esoterrorism is the story of Derek Hawthorne, a spy for the omnipresent but secretive House. A member of its military and intelligence arm, the titular Red Room, it is his job to make sure the supernatural stays secret. Derek doesn't have the best reputation with his employers, however, choosing to often bend orders in order to do the right thing. It makes him the primary suspect when a leak is discovered to one of the many eso-terrorist organizations which threaten the House's agenda. 

    Given a short window of time to prove his innocence, Derek is assigned a new partner, the beautiful but sinister Shannon O'Reilly, to watch over him. Sparks fly between the two but neither is sure they can trust the other, especially once it becomes apparent Shannon has secrets of her own. With a dangerous mystical WMD in play and the complicated relationships which have formed between the House's many power-brokers, can Derek navigate the various faction intrigues well enough not to take the fall?

    Or will the world awaken to a new world of monsters and undead?

Check it out this summer!

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