Monday, November 10, 2014

Our stance on Gamergate

Hey folks,

As a game review website, I've been asked numerous times what I think of this whole Gamergate controversy and I've kept my opinions to myself. I considered the initial controversy to be unworthy of commentary because who and what happened regarding a game developer w/ a reviewer is a silly thing to be worried about. Then the whole thing took over massive amounts of space on forums, the internet, and several other places I frequent.

For those unaware of what Gamergate stands for it, it is a controversy between individuals who claim to be representing those concerned about "ethics in game journalism" versus those who believe the former holds a staggering number of misogynists.

It's the latest round in the battle of the culture war taking place on the internet. Much of the conflict is driven by anger over the death threats and intimidation tactics used against female personalities in the gaming industry.

The United Federation of Charles would like to establish its policy regarding the subject. It condemns any and all threats made against women (or men for that matter). The UFOC believes there's a massive need for change in the representation of women in video games.

It also believes video game journalism is bull**** with the vast majority of reviews out there being by shills for the game companies. The UFOC doesn't believe the latter is what Gamergate is about nor does it think 'ethics in game journalism' a big deal. We DO think the treatment of women in gaming is. In short, we are against Gamergate and hope the movement goes away.

Criticism is a fundamental part of being taken seriously as a medium. Whether that is over gender roles, representation, or even people insulting you in a review for liking something--adults have to grow up and bear it.

Thank you for your time.

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