Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My current writing projects

Well I just finished a short story, The Last Testament of the Devil Doctor. It's an homage/deconstructioon of a certain character and all his offensive orientalism. Surprisingly, I actually think he came off rather well through it. I guess because I've always enjoyed Ra's Al Ghul and he's based on Fu Manchu.

I'm also starting to edit, Crusade of Blood which is a vampire story set in Acre during King Richard's campaign.

I'm three chapters into Merciless: Galaxies' Most Wanted. My original chapter wasn't very enjoyable and I felt I could do better so I rewrote it. I think the book could still use some more polish but it's starting to take the kind of shape that I want it to. I'm enjoying the number of references I'm getting to throw into it about various science-fiction series I like.

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